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Open: June 7th, 2017
Status: Open!
Active Decks: 186
Upcoming Decks: 24
Members: 26 (+ 10)
Total Cards: 3700


Phynix wrote on 15 January 2018
Playing Catch up from Hiatus.

Nov 5 Update:
Wishing WEll Raie - wished for cards spelling out LUCY LU to celebrate her rescue dog! Max two per deck, must be worth one!
L: lastunicorn-amalthea11
U: gundamwing-heeroyuy08
C: gundamwing-wufeichang11
Y: gundamwing-heeroyuy09
L: lastunicorn-amalthea13
U: gundamwing-trowabarton05

Wishing Well Lex - wished for everyone to get 2 choice cards from the same series. Must be from different decks in the same series worth one, and you can mix-and-match mediums! (i.e., you can choose a manga Sailormoon card and a anime Sailormoon card.)
Card 1: gundamwing-heeroyuy05
Card 2: gundamwing-trowabarton04

New Decks: bleach-renjiabarai07, bleach-renjiabarai02, mh3d-cleodenile11, mh3d-cleodenile15, overwatch-dva07, overwatch-dva09, kurobasket-ryoutakise16, kurobasket-ryoutakise20, sp-overwatch-dvasprays10

Halloween Decks: sp-halloween17106, sp-halloween17207
Lex wrote on 10 November 2017
i love the extra deck for the dva sprays, ty <3

New Decks: overwatch-dva15, overwatch-dva18, sp-overwatch-dvasprays08, sp-halloween17102, sp-halloween17209, bleach-renjiabarai13, bproject-goushikaneshiro05, ghostintheshell-batou04, kurobasket-ryoutakise15, kurobasket-shintaroumidorima11, mh3d-cleodenile19
Donated: overwatch-dva02, sp-overwatch-dvasprays04
Wish (LUCY LU): marvel616-mollyhayes05, tekken-lingxiaoyu07, marvel616-nicominoru13, marvel616-mollyhayes16, marvel616-karolinadean19, bioshock-robertlutece09
Wish (Series): darkstalkers-felicia14, darkstalkers-morriganaensland06
Raie wrote on 10 November 2017
Wishing Well ( LUCYLU) - lozbotw-urbosa08, su-amethyst11, masseffect-edi10, su-amethyst10, lozbotw-urbosa09, lozbotw-riju16
Wishing Well - puz-urbosasfury09, lozbotw-urbosa07
New Decks - ghostintheshell-batou09, ghostintheshll-batou10, bleach-renjibarai09, bproject-goushikaneshiro15, kurobasket-ryoutakise14, kurobasket-shintaroumidorima10, mh3d-cleodenile14, overwatch-dva14, overwatch-dva16, sp-halloween17103, sp-halloween17203
Becca wrote on 07 November 2017
Wishing Well (LUCYLU): bssm-sailormoon17, bloodplus-haji19, ffiv-cecilharvey16, ffiv-cecilharvey17, bssm-sailormoon19, bloodplus-haji20
Wishing Well (2 same series): eldorado-chel04, eldorado-tulio02
New Decks: bleach-renjiabarai01, bleach-renjiabarai02, bproject-goushikaneshiro03, bproject-goushikaneshiro04, ghostintheshell-batou05, ghostintheshell-batou06, overwatch-dva07, overwatch-dva08, sp-overwatch-dvasprays10
Donated: bleach-renjiabarai11, bproject-goushikaneshiro12, ghostintheshell-batou13
Halloween Decks: sp-halloween17101, sp-halloween17202

Thank you for the update, have a good week! :D
Mio wrote on 06 November 2017
New Decks: kurobasket-ryoutakise01, kurobasket-ryoutakise02, kurobasket-shintaroumidorima01, kurobasket-shintaroumidorima02, bleach-renjiabarai05, bleach-renjiabarai07, bproject-goushikaneshiro20, ghostintheshell-batou06, mh3d-cleodenile12, overwatch-dva17, sp-halloween17104, sp-halloween17206
Wishing Well - Raie - LUCY LU: L bssm-sailormoon07, U bssm-sailorsaturn14, C idolmastercg-ichinoseshiki06, Y dmc-lady13, L dmc-lady15, U bssm-sailorsaturn11
Wishing Well - Lex - 2 choice cards from the same series: dmc-trish17, dmc-lady13
Catie wrote on 06 November 2017
LUCY LU: da-josephinemontilyet02, eldorado-tulio01, childoflight-aurora01, ffx-yuna01, da-josephinemontilyet04, eldorado-tulio02
Same series: pnf-ferbfletcher02, pnf-phineasflynn01
New Decks: bleach-renjiabarai05, ghostintheshell-batou05, ghostintheshell-batou20, kurobasket-ryoutakise04, kurobasket-ryoutakise13, mh3d-cleodenile11, overwatch-dva09, overwatch-dva20, sp-overwatch-dvasprays05
Halloween: sp-halloween17106, sp-halloween17201
Thank you !!
Koshiba wrote on 06 November 2017
Thanks for the update and the event! Hm, winter holiday images, gotta find some good ones... =)

Lucy Lu: lok-asamisato15, eldorado-tulio13, eldorado-chel08, dnangel-darkmousy01, lok-asamisato20, eldorado-tulio14
Same Series: eldorado-tulio19, eldorado-chel11

New Decks: bleach-renjiabarai12, bproject-goushikaneshiro12, ghostintheshell-batou12, kurobasket-ryoutakise12, kurobasket-ryoutakise13, kurobasket-shintaroumidorima12, mh3d-cleodenile12, overwatch-dva12, sp-overwatch-dvasprays03

Halloween Decks: sp-halloween17110, sp-halloween17207