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Open: June 7th, 2017
Status: Open!
Active Decks: 186
Upcoming Decks: 24
Members: 26 (+ 10)
Total Cards: 3700


Phynix wrote on 15 January 2018
Catch up after hiatus.
Wishing Well Koshiba - wished for everyone to get comic deck-related freebies in honor of Justice League's release. You can take one choice card from any superhero-related deck worth one!
- bssm-sailorsaturn01
Wishing Well Catie - wished for cards spelling out NOVEMBER! Max two per deck, must be from decks worth one!
N: gundamwing-heeroyuy12
O: gundamwing-heeroyuy15
V: overwatch-dva11
E: gundamwing-wufeichang16
M: gundamwing-wufeichang20
B: gundamwing-trowabarton07
E: lastunicorn-amalthea15
R: gundamwing-trowabarton12

New decks: ffix-kuja01, ffix-kuja02, earlandfairy-edgarjcashenbert08, earlandfairy-edgarjcashenbert09, darkerthanblack-yin20
Raie wrote on 23 November 2017
- Wishing Well (Catie NOVEMBER) - bssm-sailormoon03, bssm-sailormoon04, howlsmovingcastle-howl01, masseffect-edi19, masseffect-edi20, lozbotw-urbosa20, su-amethyst14, lozbotw-urbosa16
- Wishing Well (Koshiba) - avengersemh-tonystark16
- New decks- darkerthanblack-yin09, earlandfairy-edgarjcashenbert16, ffix-kuja17, sp-at-finnsswords10

Thank you!
Lex wrote on 19 November 2017
New Decks: earlandfairy-edgarjcashenbert03, ffix-kuja11, ffix-kuja19, sp-at-finnsswords03
Wish (Comic): marvel616-karolinadean10
Wish (NOVEMBER): darkstalkers-morriganaensland04, portal-glados10, overwatch-dva08, darkstalkers-morriganaensland15, marvel616-nicominoru05, ffxii-balthier19, masseffect-edi15, portal-glados18
Becca wrote on 19 November 2017
Wishing Well (comic): furious-furia01
Wishing Well (NOVEMBER): bssm-makotokino07, bssm-sailorjupiter12, overwatch-dva01, dmc-dante05, bssm-makotokino12, bssm-sailorjupiter13, dmc-dante06, overwatch-dva02
New Decks: darkerthanblack-yin01, darkerthanblack-yin02, ffix-kuja03, sp-at-finnsswords04
Donated: darkerthanblack-yin03, earlandfairy-edgarjcashenbert05

Thank you! :D
Catie wrote on 19 November 2017
New Decks: darkerthanblack-yin01, darkerthanblack-yin06, earlandfairy-edgarjcashenbert08, ffix-kuja02, ffix-kuja08

Wishing Well (Comic-Freebie): dcprime-karazorel01

Wishing Well (NOVEMBER): ffxii-fran01, da-josephinemontilyet05, overwatch-dva01, pnf-phineasflynn18, masseffect-edi06, pnf-ferbfletcher05, transistor-red08, childoflight-aurora20

Thank you!
Mio wrote on 19 November 2017
New Decks: earlandfairy-edgarjcashenbert16, ffix-kuja16, darkerthanblack-yin09, sp-at-finnsswords05
Wishing Well - Koshiba - one choice card from any superhero-related deck worth one: avengersemh-ironman10
Wishing Well - Catie - NOVEMBER: N bssm-sailormoon09, O bssm-sailormoon10, V ffiv-cecilharvey20, E idolmastercg-ichinoseshiki08, M ensemblestars-sakumarei16, B ghostintheshell-batou01, E idolmastercg-ichinoseshiki09, R ensemblestars-sakumarei17
Koshiba wrote on 17 November 2017
Thanks for the update! I'm trying to figure out what comics I have digitally that I could pull some decks from...

New Decks: darkerthanblack-yin13, earlandfairy-edgarjcashenbert13, ffix-kuja13, sp-at-finnsswords08

Comic Freebie: dcprime-supergirl15

NOVEMBER: spirit-rain08, lok-asamisato14, marvel616-emmafrost01, bssm-sailorjupiter02, lok-asamisato19, bssm-sailorsaturn10, bssm-sailorjupiter04, spirit-rain06