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Open: June 7th, 2017
Status: Open!
Active Decks: 186
Upcoming Decks: 24
Members: 26 (+ 11)
Total Cards: 3700


Vivid is a mini online trading card game all about animated characters! For purposes of this TCG, the term "animated" is used somewhat loosely: decks can be based on characters from cartoons, anime, 3D and 2D movies, book illustrations, comics, manga, and video games. Basically, anything that isn't live action goes!

If you're unfamiliar with online TCGs, tab over to the About TCGs section - otherwise, read on for more about Vivid!

About Vivid

Vivid is a more minimal version of online TCGs most players are familiar with. The majority of the games are automatically updated or randomized every time you play so there's no need for updates or extensive knowledge of a large variety of series. Updates are planned to be biweekly, but may be more frequent or sporadic depending on when I can get to them. Members are not automatically deleted for inactivity, but may be placed on an inactive list after over a month of no updates.

In short, I wanted to do a fun TCG that's as stress free as possible!


Cards at Vivid are divided into six categories: Animation, Comic & Illustration, Video Game, Puzzle, Special, and Member. Special decks are further divided by Character, Group/Relationship, Species, Item, and Location. All decks (except for special) are worth 1, and have 20 cards to a deck (except member cards). Special cards are worth 2 and have 10 cards to a deck.

Member cards are counted as 0 on the deck page, but count as 1 towards your worth and in trade cards.

Regular Card (Worth 1) Puzzle Card (Worth 1) Special Card (Worth 2) Member Card (Worth 1)

Mastering a Deck

Once you have collecting all of the cards in a deck, you have mastered the deck. This means you cannot trade away any of these cards (except for doubles, of course) but you will receive some rewards for doing so. For every regular card deck you master, you receive 2 regular cards of choice, 3 random regular cards and 20 . For every special card deck you master, you receive 3 regular cards of choice, 5 random regular cards and 50 .

Leveling Up

When you join Vivid, you begin at level one and work your way up through the levels as you amass more card worth. The rewards for leveling up are 1 regular cards of choice and 3 random regular cards.

Level Card Worth Difference
Level 1001-100You start here!
Level 2101-200+100
Level 3201-350+150
Level 4351-500+150
Level 5501-700+200
Level 6701-900+200
Level 7901-1200+300
Level 81201-1500+300
Level 91501-1800+300
Level 101801-2100+300

Once you reach level 10, you may submit a [name+link] form after every additional 300 worth achieved.


Vivid uses a simple integrated currency system with coins . You can use coins to buy items in the shop. Because the currency system is integrated, there's no need to display coins on your trade post (but you still need to log any coins earned or spent!).

Additionally, you may receive a choice regular or special coupon as a reward every now and then. These coupons can be redeemed at the shop.

Management System

To manage Vivid, I'm using Maron's Mini TCG V. 1.0 script. I'm still new to the system and toying with its functionality, so if you see any errors, please don't hesitate to let me know!

How Annuska Plays

I am playing this game - I did make it because I wanted to play it, after all! Most games are automated or otherwise randomized, so I play those, with the exception of Wish and Deck Vote, and I collect update freebies like a normal member. I do not get rewards from donations/deck making (except a card from the deck I've donated images to) or collect a staff pay outside of keeping coins generated by testing site features.

About TCGs

What is TCG?

Online Trading Card Games are similar to the trading cards you knew as a child. Rather than playing in person and collecting cards from packs at the store, you collect everything online. The goal is to collect all of the cards you like, also know as mastering a deck. Online TCGs are free to play, a lot of fun, and very addictive!

Your Trade Post
Before you join, you need a place to store your stuff, also know as a trade post. To make life easier for you and for your fellow TCG members, you should separate your cards--at least into groups of keeping and trading. You are also required to keep a detailed card log, showing how you got every card. The final thing you need on your site is a way to contact you, either a form or an email link, so you can trade.

Example Categories:
  • Collecting: For decks you are currently collecting and trying to master
  • Future/Keeping: For decks that you plan on mastering later but are not focusing on at the moment (but are still accepting cards from them in incoming trades)
  • Trading: For cards that you don't want to collect or keep at all and are willing to trade away

Sub categories aside, one thing that you are required to have on your post is a detailed log showing every card and currency that you gained and lost. This includes trades, games, activities, freebies, services, etc. For trades, it's recommended that you number them to count how many cards you traded each time.

The final component that you need on your trade post is a way to contact you. Some suggestions are:
  • A form on your site that players can send you trades through
  • A note about what your e-mail is
  • A forum thread where players can offer you trades