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Open: June 7th, 2017
Status: Open!
Active Decks: 186
Upcoming Decks: 24
Members: 26 (+ 11)
Total Cards: 3700

Join Vivid!

Thanks for deciding to join Vivid! A few things to know:

You must provide a valid email address, website, and name. If your name is already taken on the member list, please add a number or change your name.

Please have your starter pack up within a week of joining. If your cards are not up within 7 days, I'll email and see if you're still interested in playing and/or need more time.

Members are not automatically deleted for inactivity, but may be moved to the inactive list if their post is not updated for a month.

Images cannot be direct-linked from the site, but cards and master badges are easily uploaded through post managers with an auto upload feature by setting as your default upload URL!

Your password must contain at least 8 characters, and will be required to access games, the shop, and other items in the member panel. Your password is encoded in the database and cannot be retrieved or viewed by anyone.